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Straightening your teeth

Orthodontics involves teeth straightening and jaw alignment for beauty and function. Most people associate straight teeth with an attractive smile. But did you know that properly aligned teeth are healthier than poorly aligned teeth?

Overlapped, crooked, or rotated teeth create a daily cleaning challenge. Food and bacteria accumulate in the tiny spaces around poorly aligned that are difficult to reach with your toothbrush and floss. Bacteria trapped in these areas release toxins that can lead to cavities and inflamed gums. Properly aligned teeth are easier to maintain leading to healthier teeth and gums.

Properly aligned teeth also evenly distribute the chewing forces in your mouth which can reduce the risk of expensive procedures to repair broken or chipped teeth.  

Orthodontics isn’t just for children and teenagers. Ask Dr. Ostler about her orthodontic treatment in her 40s. It’s never too late for a bright straight smile!


A straight smile has never been easier to achieve. Clear plastic trays, known as aligners can work the magic of braces without the metal. 3D software combined with CAD/CAM technology brings a new smile within reach for most adults and teenagers.

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