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Ceramic Bridges

A fixed dental bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth with a customized bridge that is cemented in place.  Dr. Ostler will prepare the teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth.   She will place a temporary bridge on the prepared teeth while her dental laboratory fabricates your permanent bridge.  When the permanent bridge is complete, you will return to Dr. Ostler’s office for the bridge to be permanently cemented in place.   A fixed dental bridge will look and function like natural teeth.    It does not come in or out of your mouth.  You will brush and floss it with a few modifications which Dr. Ostler and her team will demonstrate.

A Better Bridge

In many cases, adding dental implants to an area with several missing teeth can restore several teeth with only a few implants.  When carefully placed in the bone where a patient is missing teeth, dental implants can mimic the roots of natural teeth and bear the load of a fixed dental bridge.  

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