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Orthodontics for Children

If you are a parent, you may have noticed that some children are wearing braces at an earlier age than when you and your peers first started wearing braces.   As orthodontic treatment has evolved, dentists and orthodontists have shifted toward treating patients at an earlier age with expanders and other growth and development techniques in order to avoid extracting permanent teeth to create space for crowded teeth.  The result is a broader more complete smile without the trauma of tooth extractions.

A variety of tooth and jaw concerns are often observed in a growing child.  Dr. Ostler may notice that your child’s baby teeth appear crowded or that your child might not have enough space for permanent teeth to erupt.  She will monitor the growth and development of your child’s mouth in order to determine the ideal time for orthodontic intervention.  

Orthodontics for Adults

It is never too late to straighten your teeth!   Dr. Ostler decided to straighten her teeth at age 42.   She wore metal braces for a year and a half and then she completed her orthodontic treatment with three months of Invisalign.   Don’t hesitate to ask her all about her treatment.

Teeth that are not properly aligned create what dentists refer to as “malocclusion” which affects 74 % of American adults.   Poorly aligned teeth are much more difficult clean which can lead to inflamed gums and the degradation of the jawbone surrounding the teeth.    Malocclusion can also create unnatural stress and pressure on the teeth and jaws leading to premature wear of the teeth and increased jaw concerns.

Dr. Ostler will create a personalized plan for you to achieve straight, properly aligned teeth that will result in healthier gums, easier homecare,  and a decreased risk of abnormal wear and trauma to your teeth and jaw.


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