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Sopro® Intraoral Camera

Among the many different types of intraoral cameras on the dental equipment market, Dr. Ostler selected the Sopro® intraoral camera for its ability to detect cavities as well as produce quality full color photographs inside your mouth. The Sopro® camera has a setting that can detect cavities at early stages where they may not even be discernable with the eye.

Of course the intraoral camera is no substitute for the years of clinical experience Dr. Ostler brings to her dental practice; but, when used in combination with her clinical judgement, you will receive the very best diagnosis and treatment planning.  

With intraoral photographs, Dr. Ostler can show you exactly what she is seeing in your mouth.  Being able to see what she is seeing encourages you to have an informed conversation with her about the health of your teeth, and any treatment that may need.

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