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Inlays & Onlays

Sometimes tooth decay or a fractured area on a tooth is too large to be restored with a composite filling while the tooth may have enough natural tooth structure that it doesn’t need a full coverage crown.  Ceramic inlays and onlays are an excellent choice in this situation.  Dr. Ostler works with the highest quality dental laboratories to create a custom ceramic restoration that is bonded to a prepared tooth to provide years of natural feel, function, and esthetics while preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible.

Our inlays and onlays are made with the finest modern materials.   Depending on the location of the area to be repaired in your mouth, Dr. Ostler will select the material that will provide the best function, strength, and esthetics.  We use monolithic zirconium LavaPlus, eMax, and ZiraFCZ restorative materials to ensure optimal function, protection, and beauty.

If you would like to learn more about improving the health, strength, and appearance of your smile, please contact the office of Dr. Katie Ostler in Redmond.

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