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You have the ability to live a better and more healthy life by practicing great oral hygiene. Redmond dentist, Dr. Katie Ostler, emphasizes preventive and proactive dentistry at hygiene appointments because even minor oral problems can affect your entire body. Daily brushing, flossing, regular dental cleanings, and exams play a fundamental role in good oral and general body health. The health of your teeth and gums have a direct and strong connection to your overall health – something as seemingly simple as gum disease can actually cause life-threatening illness!

Our goal is to improve the health of your smile and help you maintain it for a lifetime. Your appointment will include a full work-up of digital x-rays, a thorough oral cancer screening, a comprehensive evaluation of your periodontal health and tooth condition, a full cleaning and polish, a detailed review of any needed treatments, and a proactive follow-up plan.

We implement the latest techniques and equipment to ensure you are getting the best hygiene experience possible. Digital x-rays give us a quick, clear image of your tooth and jaw structure while reducing exposure to potentially harmful radiation. And for the deepest, most thorough cleanings, we use highly effective ultrasonic scalers.

Put the health of your smile in Dr. Ostler’s caring hands and know you’re receiving high-level dentistry to keep your body healthy as well. It’s never too late to practice good oral hygiene. Redmond dentist Dr. Katie Ostler can help get your mouth and body back on track. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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