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Most of the restorations and appliances used to restore and protect your teeth require a high level of accuracy and precision.  Traditionally, a skilled dentist or dental technician produced these precise products by hand.   While human effort is still an important component of producing quality dental products, the adoption of CAD/CAM technology has made many procedures more comfortable for patients.   CAD/CAM technology enables human effort to be used more efficiently in the laboratory to improve the accuracy and precision of dental restorations and appliances.

Computer aided design (CAD) in dentistry involves the design and creation of three-dimensional digital electronic models of your mouth.   Using her iTero ® scanner, Dr. Ostler will scan your mouth from multiple angles to create a three dimensional model on a computer screen.   She will send the scanned image electronically to her dental laboratory or to the Invisalign company who will use computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to create veneers, crowns, onlays, bridges, implant crowns, and Invisalign appliances.

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